President’s Message

Marybeth Dyer

Evolution and Technology…. How times have changed with communications from when our Veterans were in East Anglia in the 1940’s and currently how we are communicating in the present. It’s been an amazing transition and evolution. There were many ways that the military communicated in WWII. Here are a few ways: Radio- B24 used a…

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Government Research Resources

The following data has come from various sources including Scott Burris of Army Air Forces and We hope these references will help you in your research. National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records This is where you obtain Service Records (201 file) located in St. Louis. Note that a fire in 1973 destroyed many…

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Welcome to the ‘project page’ for saving, and hopefully re-presenting, the entire content of, which was started back in 1998. The Heritage League role The League is generously allowing this project to operate under its non-profit auspices. This does not mean that The Heritage League is promising to do the work—or expend the funds—necessary…

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Military Research by the Heritage League

We, of the Heritage League, are dedicated to the preservation of the military records of our veterans. These documents in of themselves have no real meaning until you can see how one man’s record might connect him to units, awards and decorations. Since the loss of so many veteran’s records in the 1973 Fire at…

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The Mighty D8a Project

Under the direction of the Heritage League of the Second Air Division – USAAF, a database development effort called the “Mighty D8a Project” (D8a is read as Data) is underway. The scope of this project is huge in that missions and personnel information from some forty (40) bomb groups of the Eighth Air Force’s three…

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The B-24 Liberator

Photo of B-24

Just as the Handley Page Halifax was overshadowed in the UK by its partner, the Avro Lancaster, so the B-24 never gained the popular appeal of its USAAF partner, the Boeing B-17. In fact, the B-24 was newer, more efficient, built in far greater numbers and, unlike the B-17, served on every front in World…

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History of the 2nd Air Division Association

2nd Air Division Association logo

The Second Air Division Association (also known as the 2ADA) traces its initial meeting to 1948 in Chicago, Illinois. It was organized as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Illinois on January 10, 1950. Members of the original Board of Directors were 2nd Air Division veterans Marilyn Fritz, Howard W. Moore, Jordan It Uttal,…

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A Brief History of the 2nd Air Division

American Heritage League Second Air Division logo

The Second Air Division evolved out of the reorganization of the VIII Bomber Command into the Eighth Air Force. Starting as the Second Bomb Wing, it become the Second Bomb Division. In September 1944 a fighter wing was assigned, and in January 1945 it was redesignated the Second Air Division. The Second Air Division’s first…

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