President’s Message

Evolution and Technology…. How times have changed with communications from when our Veterans were in East Anglia in the 1940’s and currently how we are communicating in the present. It’s been an amazing transition and evolution.

There were many ways that the military communicated in WWII. Here are a few ways:

  • Radio- B24 used a complex intercom system on the plane which linked up all crew member with headset and throat microphone. Radios were also used as instant way they could communicate from the ground to air.
  • Telegraph and teletype message were transmitted messages as they were keyed and for printing messages received.
  • Mail service was a way for them to get caught up on what was going on at home. It helped boost their moral. Letters going home were censured.
  • Telephone served as way for troops to communicate with one another. It was not always available to communicate with their families.

In 2020, how things have changed.

We use the internet (www) to connect our computers for fast look-up. We use cell phones and take them with us where ever we go and can video chat without leaving our home or office. We can talk to devices like Google and Alexa to get instant information. Most importantly, our current military members in deployed locations have access to internet, satellite and cell service for immediate communication with each other and their families far away. Do we write letters as often as we should? How things have changed!!!

Speaking of communication:

The Heritage League Executive Board will hold a special event this October on the internet using Zoom. We will have a panel of our WWII veterans, a guided tour of Rackheath airfield (home to 467 BG) along with our Annual Meeting virtually on Saturday, October 3rd. More details on this are provided in this Herald. We will also send a letter to all of our active members with information and details about the schedule and instructions how to join. Our website – will also provide information or you can Email your questions to We invite everyone to join us.

On a solemn note, we were sad to hear about the passing of Heritage League past president and good friend Billy Sheely Johnson. She was so compassionate and loving. Her contributions to our association were something we will never forget. She honored her father well and earned her place in heaven. We will miss her!

We hope you and your families are staying safe during these uncertain times. We miss seeing you all in person but look forward to seeing you on Zoom this October.

Finally…Our lives are filled with busy moments and events. Take some time to remember a Veteran and thank them for their service. It will mean the world to them.