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Join us in honoring and remembering the service and sacrifices of US military members of fourteen B-24 Liberator bomb groups and five fighter groups stationed in England during WWII. Help us keep the veterans and following generations connected and informed through the internet, publications, and social and educational gatherings.

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Fun annual convention and excursions in England
Heritage League membership and newsletter
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Honoring and remembering our WWII veterans

Dive into the history of the Second Air Division and the B-24 Liberator

Membership and newsletter including historical articles
Military documents
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Mighty D8A project
Quarterly Journals by veterans of the 2nd Air Division

The Heritage League of the Second Air Division (USAAF) financially supports:

Heritage League operations
The Second Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich, England
Flower Fund for Memorial Day flowers at 13 US cemeteries overseas

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