2AD Journal

Journals of the Second Air Division Association

The members of the Executive Committee of the Heritage League of the Second Air Division – USAAF take great pleasure in announcing the completion of the long-awaited Journal of the Second Air Division Association digitization project. More and more editions will be added until all 204 editions have been uploaded.  Later on you will be able to search through all of the editions for names, places, articles, etc.

Click on one of the following issues to open and download a PDF file. If you don’t have an Adobe Acrobat reader, you can go to www.adobe.com and download the free reader.

January 1950June 1950February 1951April 1952June 1953-1
June 1953September 1953-1October 1953November 1953-1
March 1954June 1954July 1954-1
August 1954October 1954December 1954July 1955
August 1955December 1955March 1956July 1956November 1956
December 1956January 1957June 1957July 1957November 1957
May 1958June 1958August 1958-1August 1958October 1958
June 1961August 1961March 1962January 1972
April 1972June 1972September 1972January 1973April 1973
June 1973September 1973December 1973April 1974June 1974
September 1974December 1974March 1975June 1975September 1975
December 1975March 1976June 1976September 1976November 1976
March 1977June 1977September 1977December 1977March 1978
June 1978September 1978December 1978March 1979June 1979
September 1979December 1979March 1980June 1980September 1980
December 1980March 1981June 1981September 1981December 1981
March 1982June 1982September 1982December 1982January 1983
June 1983September 1983December 1983March 1984June 1984
September 1984December 1984March 1985June 1985September 1985
December 1985March 1986June 1986September 1986December 1986
March 1987June 1987September 1987December 1987March 1988
June 1988September 1988December 1988March 1989June 1989
September 1989December 1989March 1990June 1990September 1990
December 1990March 1991June 1991September 1991December 1991
March 1992June 1992September 1992December 1992March 1993
June 1993September 1993December 1993March 1994June 1994
September 1994December 1994March 1995June 1995September 1995
December 1995March 1996June 1996September 1996December 1996
March 1997June 1997September 1997December 1997March 1998
June 1998September 1998December 1998March 1999June 1999
September 1999December 1999March 2000June 2000October 2000
December 2000
2ADA ceased operations