President’s message

We are all “flying high.” I don’t mean that literally, but emotionally, yes.

As I am writing this message to you, some of us in the Heritage League have just returned from our 2021 Convention in Savannah. We joined the 8th AF Historical Society in late October of this year. It was so wonderful to see all of our friends in person and talk with the Veterans that attended. In this Herald, you will see some great pictures and writings about this reunion.

For your information, here are some of my takeaways from our trip to Savannah:

• The more you attend the more you cherish the time with your friends and especially the Veterans. The hugs, the catching up and the excitement was amazing because we haven’t seen other for a long time. It made this reunion much more special.
• You never know who you will meet. I meet two wonderful couples, both were 458BG second generation like me and it was their first reunion. It was such a pleasure to hear their stories and most important it was fun to know we had something in common. Could it be that our Dads met at some point or just knowing that they were at the same base. Cool stuff!!
• Cherish those stories. We had three – 2nd Air Division Veterans sitting on the couch in our hospitality suite talking about their experiences and telling stories we had never heard. We recorded some of it. That won’t happen much longer More cool stuff!
• Finally- what I learned on this trip is that we all need each other to keep this legacy going. Our family stories are all we have and if we don’t share and thrive the stories will be lost. And that can’t happen.

If you were in Savannah, it was so nice to see you. If you did not attend, please think about joining us next year. We will be in Boston with the 93rd BG, October 6-10, 2022. More information will be coming soon. Come and share your story and bring your family.

It is time to renew your membership for 2022. Our renewal form is included in this Herald. Please also consider for your future generations to sign up.

Finally, our lives are filled with busy moments and events. Take some time to remember a Veteran and thank them for their service. It will mean the world to them.