Kids’ Corner #4

Kids' Corner #4

The Heritage League hopes your holidays were happy. Please download this drawing, color it in, and share it with family and friends. We hope this helps with your understanding of our ancestor’s service with the Second Air Division during World War II. Our Heritage League mission is to educate our next generations about the actions…

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Kids’ crossword: bomber positions

Bomber crew image

OK kids! Here’s our second challenge. Match up the members of the bomber crew with where they sat on the plane and what their jobs were by completing this crossword puzzle. If you’re not sure, ask your ancestors! Download the crossword puzzle below to get the complete set of puzzle clues.

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Our first Kids’ Corner submissions

Aliyah Dovey

We are looking for kids to get more involved in the legacy and history of the 2nd Air Division so we asked kids to color a B24 plane and identify their Veteran’s bomb group on the wing. here’s the first set of drawings. Thank you to all the wonderful kids who took the time to…

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Introducing the Kids’ Corner

Kids' chalk

Welcome to the Kids’ Corner! The mission of The Heritage League is educating following generations about the sacrifices of our ancestors of the Bomb and Fighter Groups of the Second Air Division in World War II. Kids Corner is a new idea for Heritage League. Our goal is to involve and educate the next generation. We…

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