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For those of you who are planning on attending the reunion in hopes of doing some researching, this email form will allow Chris Clark to better plan your research visit. Please provide as much detail as possible into what you're looking for and what you hope to find.

Due to the volume of material contained in the National Archives, don't be surprised if you don't find exactly what you're looking for. For one bomb group there are 560 folders, each three inches thick, covering the 280 missions flown. If you're looking for the name of an individual and who he flew with, that's an even harder search, but it can be done. One veteran of the 445th Bomb Group spent a week at the archives with a team of 3 other people and copied over 4,000 pages of records. He may hace regretted putting the cost on his credit card - his wife paid all the bills!

Remember - for this visit, the intent was to expose you to what the National Archives have and how you can find what you're looking for. This can be a fun learning experience and, hopefully, a rewarding endeavor.
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