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Bomb Groups of the Second Air Division

44th Bomb Group: The Flying Eight Balls maintain an active site with a number of unique features, including original scanned squadron histories and a link to a database with a fairly comprehensive roster. They also publish the latest edition of their newsletter on-line here.

93rd Bomb Group: With one of the most active associations around, the Traveling Circus seems to have found a permanent home on this informative website. Fifteen years of archived newsletters make for interesting reading and researching. Also has a complete listing of 93rd aircraft.

389th Bomb Group: Facebook group with posts regarding the 389th Bomb Group at Hethel, Norfolk, England during World War II. No dedicated website to be found.

392nd Bomb Group: The subtitle on this site says "Second Generation Research", and it isn't kidding. Again, not enough room here to do it justice, but... A fascinating, thorough look at Wendling, home of the Crusaders; a missions list, with complete loading list for each plane, each mission, and text for each mission; stories, books, and patches and...o.k., enough. Just check out. (Well, one more: Tremendous section on POW's and each camp. Don't miss it.)

445th Bomb Group: Respectfully developed and maintained by the son of a 445th BG member, this site recently migrated to this new address. For more information, click on the "about us" section for the stor of webmaster Mike Simpson (reprinted in Heritage Herald #40). A significant misson of the 445th was September 27, 1944 Kassel Mission. A special website created to memorialize this event.

446th Bomb Group: Another inspired site, this one for the Bungay Buckaroos. The site features a well-organized, comprehensive roster and a wonderfully presented mission list and information. The most recent issues of the group's newsletter, "Beachball Echo". Updated regularly. (See also the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, under "Eighth Air Force Bases and Related Sites".

448th Bomb Group: There are a lot of very fine websites dedicated to maintaining the history of the Eighth Air Force, but the Second Air Division groups seem be especially blessed with those of very, very high quality. This UK-based site is one of them. The driving force behind this site was 5 years old when our boys moved in near her village. With this site, they won't be forgotten. (See the related link below, "Seething Airfield".)

453rd Bomb Group: Very nice site, clearly dedicated to service. They have made the original unit history, "Liberator Men of Old Buc" available as as downloadable .pdf file. Further, they are working on a second work, "In Search of Peace". Very strong on stories, this page is in active development, and bears frequent visits.

458th Bomb Group: Another nice site, with comprehensive plane list and crews listed by squadron. The mission list is unique, in that some of the missions contains a link to a scanned document that appears to
be from the official combat record of the group. The 458th was home of the Azon mission, covered in an especially well-done section-outstanding work.

466th Bomb Group: This is a new site, created by Bill Curtis, 466th Bomb Group Assoc. Treasurer and videographer. Other officers of the 466th BGA are: Frank Youngquist, President; Bill Campbell (WW II veteran), Vice-President; Beverly Tomb, Secretary; Jim Haseman, Newsletter Editor.

467th Bomb Group #1: This is the official site of the 47th, though they clearly work in consort with the second site. An Honor Roll, list of planes assigned to the group, and some back newsletters are among the features. Updates appear rare.

467th Bomb Group #2: Officially called "467th BG (H) Online Archive", this UK-based site has a wealth of information and is regularly updated. Although clearly organized, the site map can be helpul in navigating around the various pages here The two websites for the 467th make a great complement for anyone looking for information on the Aggies.

489th Bomb Group: The 489th now has its own site, provided the folks who maintain and operate the 489th Bomb Group Museum at Hardwick/Halesworth. This is a nicely designed, clean site with a growing amount of information available. The site makes excellent use of photos, with such unusual features as a comprehensive listing of attendees at reunions over the years. The "History of the Museum" is illustrative of the dedication of volunteers as they brought the museum to life. The many veteran's stories include the text of the Medal of Honor citation awarded to Leon R. Vance, Jr. The Friends of the 489th have developed an independent site that provides a nice complement to the museum itself.

491st Bomb Group: Active page for an active Association. Very nice picture gallery and one of the best on-line unit histories available (written by Allan Blue). Homepage lists updates, so it's easy to keep track of what's new.

492nd Bomb Group: This is another of the top group sites available. (Disclaimer: This writer is a member of the "Happy Warriors".) An innovative site, done by two brothers, one a historian and the other a web wizard. This innovative homepage is exceptionally easy to navigate, with individual crew pages and aircraft pages cross-linked with missions. Ranks with the best in terms of the completeness of its supplementary information and a remarkable personnel index. Several fine articles, stories, and diaries. Updated so regularly, the webmaster gave up trying to keep a list on the site.
Fighter Groups of the Second Air Division

4th Fighter Group: The on-line home of the Eighth's highest scoring group has many unique features. Among these are a personnel listing of ground unit's attached to the 4th, as well as profiles of at least 114 of the groups aircraft and a fine section on nose art. The 4th's roots in the Eagle Squadrons are also well-covered.  There is a very active forum available from the website for further research. There is also an active Facebook page for the 4th FG.

56th Fighter Group: At long last, the 56th Fighter Group has its own website, and a fine one it is.

355th Fighter Group: Little Friends to the rescue again. The 355th also fell victim to web-birds loss (although some history is available on the Davis-Monthan AFB site). (Note: Every Eight Air Force group is well-covered on Little Friends with a database and gallery.)

361st Fighter Group: The 361st does have its own site, and it's a pretty good one. There is an active message board and updated news, as well. A photo section for each squadron supplies a wealth of information through detailed captions.

479th Fighter Group: "Riddles Raiders" are represented on the web only through a virtual group gaming site, and at Little Friends. (Note: The 479th virtual group clearly honors memory of the original group, with period music and historical sketches.)

Eighth Air Force Bases and Related Sites

In England, the history of the Eighth Air Force is alive and well. A number of groups, frequently affiliated with the old bases, provide outstanding websites and regular events. A common characteristic is the dedication of the people who maintain the museums and websites, providing welcoming information to those who would like to visit. Some of these are presented below. We plan on regularly expanding these links. Please contact us via the guestbook with requests to be included here.

Seething Airfield:
Home of the 448th BG, and the Station 146 Tower Association. An active association and museum; EXTENSIVE collection of links to other English airfields and information for tourists, an overall excellent resource.

Halesworth Airfield Museum:  
Home of the 489th Bomb Group (and early home of the 56th FG). (Please note:  a comprehensive list of contacts for the Friends of the 489th is available through a link at the East Anglian Military Heritage Group, above.)

389th Memorial Exhibition Museum Hethel:
From the wartime home of the Sky Scorpions; Exceptionally active museum and association, well-known for a beautifully restored chapel, but also regular monthly events. Bonus: Photos of the volunteers who make it all happen. Our thanks to you all.

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum:
From Flixton, home of the 446th Bomb Group. Another active museum and association. This website is exceptionally well-organized, with well-written articles to supplement the museum materials.

Silvertop's England:
Biographical information and wartime memories of Alan Green, who grew up near the airfields in World War II. Wonderful stories, with a great deal of supplemental graphics, including a large number of wartime advertisements. Alan also works on many of the sites above, especially the Seething Airfield site. A special talent for finding links of interest and utility.

Control Towers:
Specialty site with everything you can think of related to UK airfield control towers during World War II. Special links to photos for all U.S.-related fields, as well as extensive information about control tower design and construction. Regularly updated.
General Aviation and 8th Related Sites

Heritage League of the Second Air Division (USAAF) Facebook page:

USAAF Second Air Division Memorial Library - Norfolk:

Chuck's United States Army Air Forces in World War II

Ranger Wing of the Confederate Air Force:

8th Army Air Force in Europe:

Headquarters, 8th Air Force:

Air Force Association:

American WWII Orphans Network:

Air Combat Command:

US Army Air Force Bombardment Groups of WWII

Bomber Operations: England 1944
Military and Museum Sites

8th Air Force Museum (Barksdale AFB):

8th Air Force Museum, Barksdale:

Air Force Historical Research Agency:

American Air Museum in Britain (Duxford):

American Battle Monuments Commission:

Arlington National Cemetery:

Kansas Aviation Museum:

Maxwell AFB (Air University):

Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum:

Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins AFB:

National Air and Space Museum:

National Personnel Records Center:

Naval Aviation History Office:

Oral History WWII web site:

Planes and Pilots of WWII site:

Royal Air Force Museum:

Thameside Aviation Museum:  http://

U.S. Air Force:

U.S. Air Force Museum:

U.S. Army Center of Military History:

WWII U.S. Veterans Website:

B-24 Best Web:
You Tube Video Links of Interest

Flight Aboard a B-24: Featuring 10+ minutes of video of the Collings Foundation "Witchcraft".

B-24's in action: FENnZKNXsFQ A 9-minute compilation of WWII newsreel footage featuring the Liberator.

A Liberator Aircraft Tribute: An edited 15 minutes of film found in someone's garage, from manufacturing to graveyard

B-24 Bomber Inspector Interview: A nearly 15- minute recorded telephone interview with someone who worked at Willow Run. Not much video, just the interviewers pen, pad, and paper, but a great interview.

B-24 Liberator Bomber Restoration in Process: 5+ minutes of video and sound of the restoration of an B-24J in Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

B-24 Liberator flight: Short (1:24) professionally produced TV news feature, with Tom Taylor of the 448th BG flying B-24 "Golden Girl" over Hilton Head.

Consolidated B24 Liberator: Almost 4 minutes of footage of three museum B=24's: Dugan, Fightin' Sam, and a third in RAF markings; unusual close-ups and a fairly dramatic musical sound track.

B-24 Ball Turret in Action: A little over a minute of the Collings Foundation B-24's ball turret being rotated in flight; top view only and VERY loud sound (be prepared to turn down the volume), but well worth a look.

A four-part video on the Collings Foundation's Witchcraft, well-produced by Wheels TV. There are quite a few videos of Witchcraft on You Tube, but this is the most informative:
Part 1: Introduction to the series and an interview with pilot Rob Collings, 5:28
Part 2: Walk-around tour with John Bostwick, good discussion of the engines, starting procedures, and what it takes to keep this plane flying, explanation of Witchcraft's history, 6:24
Part 3: Safety briefing with crew chief Jeremy Cain and take-off; Don't step on the bomb bay doors!, 9:36
Part 4: Flight around the Chicago skyline and landing(viewed from the ground); tribute to the veterans and a very nice conversation with another Witchcraft pilot, Caroline Collings, GREAT engine run-up for final take-off, 7:24
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