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League History

The Heritage League was established in 1987 by its parent organization, the Second Air Division Association (or '2ADA'). The Heritage League is a follow-on organization. This organization is composed of descendants and relatives of former Second Air Division personnel. The Heritage League subscribes to the belief that only as we perpetuate the respect for, and memory of, those who served in the Second Air Division during World War II, and by instilling such respect in subsequent generations, will their contributions be valued into perpetuity.

League Purpose

The Heritage League's purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the Second Air Division of the 8th Air Force (USAAF), and honor the efforts and sacrifices of its members during World War II in behalf of freedom and peace. Through the work of its members and other entities it supports, the League promotes educational, social, cultural and commemorative activities which compellingly present this rich history to succeeding generations.

With the dissolution of the 2ADA in 2012, the League takes up the ongoing challenge of educating following generations about the sacrifices of our forbears in WWII, and continues in the honor of commemorating the veterans and presenting their legacy. We do this through periodic essay competitions, informative publications, presentations and a host of other social and educational programs. We actively support related efforts such as the 'living legacy' Second Air Division USAAF Memorial Library, in Norwich, England, The 8th AF Historical Society, and the Mighty Eighty Air Force Heritage Museum near Savannah. Our mission is big, challenging, and exciting.

League Goals

In order to accomplish its unique purpose, The Heritage League embraces the following goals:
1. to offer information about the 2nd Air Division, directly or through collaborations, to descendants, students and interested others, young and old;
2. to coordinate and support efforts to preserve the stories, artifacts and various memorials to the 2nd Air Division and its component units, assigned or attached;
3. to continue the work of the 2nd Air Division Association in fully endowing the 2nd Air Division Memorial Trust;
4. to encourage strong friendships and meaningful exchanges between our members and like-minded people around the United States and the world, especially in East Anglia (England); and
5. to provide League members with meaningful social, cultural and educational interactions and experiences as they help to achieve all of these goals.


The Heritage League shall be the honored steward of the legacy of the Second Air Division, which was earned by the service of nearly 100,000 combat and ground support personnel, 7,000 of whom made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II. Early in the new millennium this heritage will be entrusted to the League by the Second Air Division's surviving veterans.

The League will welcome all who wish to contribute to this stewardship.

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