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The Heritage League (or 'HL') was established in 1987 by its parent organization, the Second Air Division Association (or '2ADA'). The HL mission is educating following generations about the sacrifices of our forbears of the Bomb and Fighter Groups of the Second Air Division in WW II. We do this through informative publications, presentations, this website and a host of other social and educational programs. We actively support related efforts such as the 'living legacy' Second Air Division USAAF Memorial Library, in Norwich, England, The 8th AF Historical Society, and the Mighty Eighty Air Force Heritage Museum near Savannah. Our mission is big, challenging, and exciting. We want your energy, vision and talent.

Second Air Division

HQ - Ketteringham Hall, England

Bomb Wings

2nd Combat Bomb Wing - Hethel

14th Combat Bomb Wing - Shipdam

20th Combat Bomb Wing - Hardwick

96th Combat Bomb Wing - Horsham St Faith

Bomb Groups

44th Bomb Group (H) - Shipdam

93rd Bomb Group (H) - Hardwick

389th Bomb Group (H) - Hethel

392nd Bomb Group (H) - Wendling

445th Bomb Group (H) - Tibenham

446th Bomb Group (H) - Bungay

448th Bomb Group (H) - Seething

453rd Bomb Group (H) - Old Buckenham

458th Bomb Group (H) - Horsham St. Faith

466th Bomb Group (H) - Attlebridge

467th Bomb Group (H) - Rackheath

489th Bomb Group (H) - Halesworth

491st Bomb Group (H) - Metfield

492nd Bomb Group (H) - North Pickenham

Fighter Groups

4th Fighter Grp - Debden

56th Fighter Grp - Boxted

355th Fighter Grp - Steeple Morden

361st Fighter Grp - Bottisham

479th Fighter Grp - Wattisham

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