Forum Project

Welcome to the ‘project page’ for saving, and hopefully re-presenting, the entire content of the original Forum Project, which was started back in 1998.

The Heritage League role

The League is generously allowing this project to operate under its non-profit auspices. This does not mean that The Heritage League is promising to do the work—or expend the funds—necessary to move the content into a suitable web hosted database. It does mean that, so long as the project stays within its traditional scope, it may enjoy the benefits of being a project of an IRS recognized non-profit organization, and tap into the volunteer pool of The League. The Heritage League Executive Committee will want periodic assurance that the project stays non-profit and safeguards private information. For now, having President Mike Simpson and VP-for-Volunteers Brian Mahoney involved in the project serves this oversight function.

Role of Project Team

Interested and qualified persons will be appreciated right from the start. Those involved will develop ways to set and adjust goals, refine working methods, and even name this ‘project.’ The Project should be self directing, and only broadly overseen by the League. In time, it may make sense for the Project to formally establish itself and no longer need to operate under League auspices.

Mike Simpson and Brian Mahoney roles

We will convene the initial meetings of interested persons, and are glad to lead at least until the Team solidifies and elects/appoints leaders. We will both want to be involved as volunteers, through start-up and beyond, but do not presume to be the eventual leaders; all that will be decided by the Team.

Your role

If you're interested in volunteering for this project, please fill out our volunteer form. Let us know your relevant skills and interests, and your Skype name (if you have one), for our online teamwork and meetings. The teams will use Skype to conduct voice chat sessions with their team members . If you do not have Skype on your computer, go to this link for a free download.


Right now, our initial need is for volunteers who are experienced with either MS SQL or MySQL to help us configure our system. Our webhosting company is offering up to 5 MySQL databases hosted through their facilities.

Mike and Brian